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      Questions? Call Us Today: 321-800-5766


      Empowering travel managers and meeting planners to efficiently manage their travel programs.

      Working with The Air Travel Group to book our company travel to our annual conference was a seamless process. Their team was always instantly available and went above and beyond to ensure our trip went smooth.

      Brianne Barta, Orangetheory Fitness

      WHAT WE DO

      We empower businesses and meeting planners to take control over their travel by leveraging easy to use technology that is supported by a world class support team.

      HOW WE DO IT

      We collaborate with meeting planners & travel coordinators to build each trip. Once we nail down the travel details and parameters, our development team creates your self service portal, displaying trip options that are within policy.


      Our team is riddled with former airline employees. We have the relationships and know the ins and outs of the travel industry. By leveraging better contract terms, we pass along a great value to our clients.


      Meeting Planners

      Over the last decade, scores of meeting planning companies dumped their in-house airfare, leaving a gap in service. If your clients require a full-service experience, we can help. By white-labeling our business airfare booking service, we partner with meeting planning companies to meet the demands of the modern business.

      Direct to Business

      Tired of the high cost and poor service of the big travel management providers? We work directly with businesses of all sizes. We’ve dumped the transactional fee model, you will just pay a flat fee per ticket—no matter how many times you call or change. In addition, we don’t use the call center model, meaning each account has a dedicated team with limited wait times.


      Find out how the Air Travel Group can help coordinate your employee travel needs.

      Fill out the form, email, or call.
      We're available Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm EST.



      Meet ATG Air- Your Company's Custom Booking Engine

      Self Service

      ATG Air is a customizable, self-service booking engine that allows our clients to easily incorporate an innovate air solution into their programs. Your travelers will be able to take control of their own travel plans while staying within the parameters of their travel policy.

      Customized to Meet Your Needs

      When meeting planners or travel managers wish to utilize our services, our Meetings team builds a customized portal-- having the booking engine match the look and feel of their business or who they serve.

      Enforce Travel Policies

      ATG Air can enforce a wide range of travel policies-- everything from fare caps to class of service, our system automatically controls spending.

      Dedicated Account Team

      Each client gets assigned their own dedicated account team. We believe in personal service and found that our partnerships work best when solid relationships are forged.

      Commercial and Charter

      We interface with all major airlines both commercial and charter.

      Privates Fares

      If traveling internationally, we can likely reduce your air spend by 10-25% depending on the construction of your program. With access to severely discounted international flights, we are saving clients an average of $200 per ticket to Europe.

      Learn more About Us.